The Book of Tao.pdf


Tao Te Ching by Lao Tsu
Translation and Appendix by Nissim Amon


The “Book of Tao” is without a doubt one of the most mysterious books ever written. In the Far East it is considered to be the foundation of the Tao philosophy. It is also thought to be the basis of the many different forms of martial arts and Chinese medicine.

“The eternal Tao
Can not be captured by words
Trying to give it a name
Will fail to reveal its true nature
Is the source
Of heaven and earth
Without title
Is the mother
Of the ten thousand things
Blinded by desires
You will only see the external things
Without desires
You will also be able to see the unseen”.
(from the book)

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Very little is known about the author of the book, the wise old Lau Tsu. It is believed that 2,500 years ago he was the keeper of the library of the Emperor of China. Legend says that Lau Tsu retired from this job when Confucius was chosen by the Emperor to be the new Minister of Law and Education. Soon after his retirement, Lau Tsu left the kingdom for a journey to the Himalayas. It is a journey from which he never returned. At the border gate he left this small book of treasures which illustrates in simple words his views regarding the great secret of life.