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“I am a physician in New York City. Nissim Amon, I am proud to say, has been a friend and teacher extraordinaire. His soothing voice and the sparkle of his eyes invite you into the realm of deeper understanding as you embark upon his studies. With his vast knowledge and experience, Zen master Nissim brings the teachings and the wisdom of the elders in a a playful and joyous approach. I have had the great honor to study with Nissim, and have brought many of my patients along the way to meet him. His knowledge is rarely surpassed. His capacity to share it is unrivaled. Thank you for the privilege of sharing.”
Dr Ilan Bohm.

“As a teacher of acting, writing and directing, the technique that I developed uses our potentially self-destructive emotional pain, fear, and insecurity in order to create helpful tools used to examine ourselves from a new perspective. We can then continue to develop powerful new ways to overcome our patterns, and use our new knowledge toward a more successful and fulfilling experience. I find this to be true for fictional characters as well as the actors themselves.
I believe in order to become a better educator, it is essential that at times the teacher become the student. As my teacher I found Nissim to be a kindred spirit. Nissim’s teachings, without doubt, greatly enabled me to grow as a person as well as a teacher. After spending time learning from him, I feel like my abilities to empower my students has grown exponentially.
Thank you Nissim!”
Ivana Chubbuck
Acting coach/teacher and author of the best-selling book Power of the Actor.

“As a business owner, working in the New York Metro, my daily life can get rather hectic.
It is easy to get caught up by the hustle imposed by my surroundings and my own reactive mind.
Giving myself just 5 minutes during the day to read the words of Nissim Amon, helps me get back to that place where everything is alright. The Treasure Box is a great mix of Zen wisdom and personal stories from the life of a true Zen Teacher.
Thank you Nissim for bringing us closer to the truth, and the essence of life with this book.”
Toivo Halvorsen, JD/MBA.
Managing Director.
Dharma Home Suites.

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The Treasure Box
By Zen Master Nissim Amon


A collection of 124 chapters of Eastern Teachings
Containing philosophy, ancient wisdom and spiritual inspiration, in an accessible way.


Click Here to read 5 of the 124 chapters
Most chapters linked to Buddhism, Hinduism and Tao. A book that encourages dialogue and personal research.


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Nissim Amon is an ordained Soto Zen Master, developer of the Trilotherapy therapeutic system, has authored ten books, and is featured in the Wild Divine Zen Journey program.

Nissim is a sought-after Zen-teacher with many students. He has a unique style of writing where he combines the spiritual wisdom of the East with psychological insights of the West. His books, as well as lectures and workshops, are deep and can change the vision of our mental reality, allowing freedom from suffering and resulting in peace of mind.